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seattle view homes

First of all, can I say that yesterday's weather was NOT AS ADVERTISED. It wasn't raining. That was nice, but it was about ten degrees colder than predicted. I digress. Oil tanks. You don't run into oil tanks as often as you used to in this business. So much so that some Seattle real estate agents might not mention them at all, but underground oil tank storage tanks are still very much a factor. Ballard may still have quite a few old forgotten underground oil tanks around, so when a suspicious unidentifiable pipe was just sitting there popped out of the ground during inspection, it was worth a “deeper” look.

Most of these tanks are not dug out of the ground, but rather properly “abandoned” which includes emptying, cleaning, filling, and capping. It also included paperwork filed so that future owners can rest easy that this task has been completed. Unfortunately in the early days of gas service conversions, many of these tanks were just disconnected and stubs were buried and forgotten. The ones that were abandoned at that time didn't always get paperwork so there was a mystery associated with the history of what occurred. This created uncertainty in buyers.

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Enter FILCO – they do all kinds of oil tank work. Adam from FILCO showed up at 10AM and inspected the interior and exterior of the home for signs and traces that an oil tank had existed prior to the current gas service. This is because if there was oil heat at one time, we needed to make sure that the tank had been properly abandoned. If it had just been left sitting there a number of future potential nightmare scenarios could unfold at any time including but not limited to a soil leakage. Adam had some interesting tools which included a very cool looking metal detector which he scanned the entire property with. No oil tank was going to hide from him!

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